Bruce Fogelson

Bruce Fogelson

Bruce Fogelson is a man of many diverse endeavors – not the least of which is charity.  He is currently working on, an online platform that creates a new way that charities and other not-for-profits get funding from sponsors and donors in exchange for the recognition they deserve.   The theory is that many donors, large and small, can be further engaged and give more by being included in a group’s dinner program, event journal or “ad book.”  All of these are collectively known as ad books.  Traditional ad books have become increasingly difficult to produce and publish over the years and are seen as time-consuming or a waste of paper, given the fact that they are mostly left behind the one special event they serve.  The method Bruce Fogelson invented is fast, easy, long lasting, engaging and requires virtually no staff.  The system can raise tens of thousands of dollars for a group and, when used by many groups can raise hundreds of millions of dollars.  This is the magnitude of Bruce’s charitable ideas.

[ Example:  1 group of 100 members/sponsors/donors giving the national median ad book sponsorship of $250 will raise $25,000.  In fact, the typical ad book raises double that.  1,000 groups (of the 2.3 U.S. non-profits) equals $25,000,000 ]

The current business has expanded to include subject target markets such as and with more to come.  But the business has its origins in the U.S. Patents he filed in 2001, long before the Internet was ready to realize his vision.   Bruce Fogelson incorporated his AdBook company in 2008 in anticipation of the patents being issued, but it took over ten years until they would issue in 2011.  The patents are titled “The Method And System For Creating Advertising (Ad) Books.”  All this time, Bruce was fully engaged in his successful and award winning real estate development business, Paramount Homes.

His involvement with real estate spans over three decades.  Starting with just a dozen low-income homes west of the Wicker Park area of Chicago, Bruce’s company Paramount Homes  has been at the forefront of building in emerging neighborhoods. Taking neighborhoods from Bucktown, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Logan Square and “Turning buyers into neighbors.”  Paramount Homes grew from single family affordable to high-end homes, townhomes, multi-family and mix-use developments.  Bruce Fogelson’s mission is to develop neighborhoods.  And along the way, he was true to that mission.  Paramount Homes was a leading member of the first ever urban Parade Of Homes for charity.  He created the first ever Showcase Homes with proceeds to local CPS public schools.  He adopted a local CPS school and participated in Principal For A Day and Real Men Read.  He funded significant school improvements in honor of Earth Day.  He created the first Top Chef – Brokers, raising money for local CPS Schools.  He bought and donated many books to local CPS schools and schools in China.  It is for efforts such as this that Bruce and Paramount Homes won “The Good Neighbor Award” from the Chicago Realtors 14 times and in nearly every category.

Much of Bruce’s work is done through the “Home And Builders” foundation he created at  This site also features the community art projects.  Bruce commissioned the Blooming Dale Wall Murals, a precursor to the popular “606” Bloomingdale Trail.  The project featured numerous artists creating a dozen 15′ x 15′ murals on a “blooming dale” theme on the former industrial rail line along Bucktown’s Bloomingdale St.

Bruce Fogelson donated an essential property along The 606 (appraised at over $300,000 in 2006!) to the Trust For Public Lands in their acquisitions for the 2 1/2 mile public parkland and trail.  Bruce held aside his key parcel for nearly 15 years, always claiming it would be incorporated into this important open-space park.  Bruce was the first to see the potential for what is now The 606, by holding community meetings and bringing the railroad into talks with the neighbors back in 2000.

Bruce was a founding member of the Chicago chapter of the Homebuilders Association of Greater Chicago – Chicago chapter.  Bruce Fogelsonwas an international speaker and as a Special Consultant for new developments outside Shanghai, China.

Bruce specializes in the transportation oriented development and innovative solutions.  Bruce incorporated 100% handicap accessible housing (where the code is 20%) near in his projects next to public transportation.  Bruce’s transportation oriented development included an electrical outlet and bike rack in the front of every parking space, long before electric cars were the reality they are today.

Bruce Fogelson has numerous U.S. Patents and patents pending and is still working on his invention; “Method and System of Creating Advertising (Ad-) Books” for charity as well as his patent in for “Builder On-Line Assistant.”  Some of Bruce early work on his charity patents is featured at which is in its concept development stage.

Through his work with The Fogelson Family Foundation, Bruce Fogelson has created and funded innovative programs.  Bruce was the founding sponsor of the education initiative for CPS students through The American Theater Company.  Bruce has created and funded a dozen special awards in math for The CPS Chicago Science Fair.

Bruce created the Chicago Innovation Challenge through the Illinois Institute Of Technology (IIT).  The Contest is a four-stage competition designed to: (1) encourage and inspire students to think about creating physical things, applications and applications that control physical things by encouraging them to seek to solve a real-world consumer and/or business need or problem that they have identified; (2) to demonstrate their creativity and inventiveness at solving their problem; (3) provides an opportunity to earn a monetary prize funded by the Fogelson Family Foundation.  This “Pitch Competition” is open to all Chicago university students with a special category for CPS high school students to promote new ideas and future entrepreneurs.

Bruce Fogelson has over 25 years experience in real estate AND charity, showing a diverse and extensive body of work side by side (also see

Bruce Fogelson spent his very early few years in Indianapolis but grew up in Highland Park and Chicago, the city he calls home today. Fogelson spent his college years in Denver, Colorado at the University of Denver earning a degree in Real Estate Development and Finance, after which he started as a commercial real estate broker.  Before, during and after college he learned to enjoy skiing, climbing and camping – and charity.

Bruce’s primary interest is charity and his online system for charity fundraising as part of his company

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