LetsSponsor.com is the fundraising platform that non-profits and donors have been thirsting for.

Development, also known as ‘fundraising,’ is the process by which individuals, foundations, agencies, organizations, and businesses gather funds or donations to offer a voluntary contribution to others. Sometimes through financial requesting and sometimes through sourcing materials, non-profits and similar collectives grow their stock and gain the financial girth to host incredible projects and events.

For a long time, fundraising was done by shaking hands and knocking on doors; through solicitation, face-to-face fundraising, and through grassroots fundraising organizers unearthed donations. However, the internet age introduced us to a world of expedited funding through crowdfunding and other online fundraising methods, which has significantly hastened the speed for acquiring grants, donors, capital, and endowments. Lets Sponsor is one of these modern fundraising comforts.

The fundraising platform was created to help nonprofits, organizations, people, and business, offering organizations a way to fundraise effectively, quickly, and intelligently. Through the fundraising platform, sponsors and donors gain the attention and recognitions that they deserve.

Read on to learn eight fantastic facts about Lets Sponsor:

  1. Lets Sponsor is a new SaaS platform that lets organizations create fundraising pages to give event sponsors and donors the recognition they deserve before, during, and long after the event.
  2. Lets Sponsor can create a social network and crowdfunding for groups and donors, each with their website as it manages website production, fundraising and an integrated merchant gateway for payments.
  3. You can make your custom home page and add these additional features for free. Add as many pages in the “About” section as you want. Have people upload photos.
  4. Lets Sponsor invented the “Method and System For Creating Ad Books” and hold several U.S. patents. Lets Sponsor is the leading innovator in the field of ad books and sponsors.
  5. The “Click-and-Flip” feature on the website shows each sponsor’s message, website, direct contact, phone, and email. Sponsors are color coded and can be sorted by price. The search function lets you find sponsors with ease.
  6. Personal and professional profiles give individuals the chance to get noticed. “Click-and-Flip” people to show their messages, contact info, phone, email, websites, and links to LinkedIn and Facebook.
  7. Users can create unlimited pages to share your story and mission with relevant links, photos, and images. Also, they can customize colors and text with a comprehensive content (WYSIWYG) editor. The Blog feature keeps the conversation going.
  8. The five-year projections predict that Lets Sponsor can raise millions… tens and hundreds of million of dollars a year in charity through its fundraising system.

With so much on the horizon, Lets Sponsor is bound to help non-profits do incredible things. If you’re interested in learning more about the amazing platform, check it out by visiting LetsSponsor.com.