Chicago Bruce Fogelson Chicago, better known as the “Windy City” is located in America’s heartland. The city is known for the vibrant arts scene, cultural attractions, and world famous skyline. Having a global reputation as a focal point of 20th century architecture and art, its museums feature the likes of Louis Sullivan and Picasso. Not to mention Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan with its beautiful beaches.

It’s no secret that Chicago is a must go to travel destination for folks near and far. Here some of the best attractions that I take friends who are visiting Chicago.

Art Institute of Chicago

A world class museum featuring hundreds of thousands of artworks. The Art Institute’s collection spans thousands of years and has a diverse variety of media including painting, prints, photography, sculpture, architectural drawings, and much more. Known for its collection of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings including numerous Monet paintings and the  1879 work from Renior “Acrobats at the Cricque Fernando.”

Navy Pier

Opened almost one hundred years ago in 1916 as an amusement area and shipping facility. Today, the Navy pier is one of Chicago’s most popular tourist destinations. Made up of 50 acres of gardens, attractions, shops, concert venues, and parks, the Navy Yard also contains a historic 150 ft Ferris Wheel and historical carousel. Visitors also can catch a 3D Imax movie at the Theater, or see classics at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. The Pier also is a year around host of city wide festivals including the Chicago Festival in August.

Field Museum of Natural History

Founded in 1893 to showcase the biological and anthropological collections gathered for the World Columbian Exposition. The Field Museum of Natural History was originally called the Columbian Museum of Chicago, and changed in 1905 to honor Marshall Field, a major benefactor of the museum. The collection includes over 20 million artifacts and specimens covering a variety of disciplines in geology, botany, zoology and more. There are permanent displays on Ancient Egypt, and Cultures of the early North and South America. Plus the Field Museum of Natural History is home to “Sue” the world’s largest, and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.Willis Tower SkyDeck

Willis Tower SkyDeck

The Willis Tower, maybe best known by its former name the Sears Tower, was the tallest office building until 1996. The Willis Tower took three years to build and opened in 1974. The Tower measures up at 1,453 feet tall with an observation area called the SkyDeck. The 103rd floor, 1,353 feet off the ground has the world famous glass box a glass floor known as “The Ledge” juts out from the SkyDeck where tourists can stand and look directly on the city below.